A Leader in Fine Arts Programs for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities Since 1979

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Hope Center for the Arts - Fine Arts Program for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities.

Hope is a multi-faceted fine arts program for adults with intellectual disabilities designed to serve individuals showing talent, interest or motivation in the arts.

The teaching staff consists of artists, performers, and creative arts therapists who bring a collaborative approach to working with this special population.

We believe that individuals with intellectual disabilities have value and deserve opportunities, acceptance, and respect.

Train the Talent, Diminish the Disability

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Stories of Transformation

Get to know… Alison French

Alison now looks forward to every day at Hope. She calls her parents daily and talks about piano, keyboard, drums, yoga, choir, art, dance and computer classes. She now engages in family conversations.

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What folks are saying about Hope Center for the Arts…

"Hope University is a place where art, education and compassion merge." -Marco Schindelmann, Artist Professor of Music at University of Redlands and Director, Beau Monde Float

"I love Hope University for its rich history of helping artists with disabilities find their voices and use them in such a magnificent way." -Victoria Bryan, Ph.D., arts advocate and teacher

"I could feel the dignity and respect extended throughout the program. Everyone was genuinely happy to be there. Hope University is giving people a chance to excel in areas of their expertise. I must admit the highlight of my visit was hearing "The Hi Hopes" as they auditioned. It definitely made my day! I have been working in this field for over 35 years and have never had the pleasure of visiting an on-site program that had so much to offer the Developmentally Disabled population." -Lynanne Finlen, Day Program Area Manager/Advocate

Watch "The Enchanted Ride"
a short film by Stephanie Serna about musical savant, Ron Langloe

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